ESC Silicon Valley 2010 Virtual Press Kit

This page currently hosts the FeaturePak Trade Association’s (FPTA’s) media kit for the Embedded Systems Conference 2010 trade show held in San Jose, California during April 26-29, 2010. [Updated April 30, 2010]

The first table contains the FPTA’s current announcements and supporting materials. while the second table provides current announcements and supporting materials from members of the FPTA.

FeaturePak Trade Association Materials

Document title Description (click document titles to download)
FeaturePak I/O Standard Gains Members, Products, Trade Association April 28, 2010 — Press release announcing three new members, several new FeaturePak-related products, and formation of the non-profit FeaturePak Trade Association (PDF file download)
FeaturePak Brochure This two-page color handout provides a short introduction to the FeaturePak embedded I/O standard, a list of FeaturePak expansion features and benefits, and a brief description of the FeaturePak Trade Association. (PDF file download)
FeaturePak Backgrounder
(periodically updated)
This article introduces the FeaturePak concept, lists its features and benefits, and provides an overview of the FeaturePak modules specification, including module dimensions, architecture, signal categories, power considerations, compliance requirements, etc.
FeaturePak Whitepaper
(periodically updated)
This eight-page “FeaturePak Whitepaper” (PDF download) provides a comprehensive overview of the FeaturePak embedded I/O expansion module standard and of the FeaturePak Trade Association.
FeaturePak Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
(periodically updated)
Various questions and answers regarding the FeaturePak specification, potential FeaturePak applications, issues pertaining to the developing FeaturePak-related products, etc.


Member Company Announcements & Data Sheets

Member Company Click each title to download…
Cogent Computer Systems High Performance Network Oriented SOM — April 27, 2010 — Introducing a new family of SOMs (system-on-modules) measuring 75mm x 75mm and featuring an MXM connector interface, along with a development platform that provides dual FeaturePak sockets for standard I/O expansion. (press release)

CSB17xx MXM SOM Development Target Board — April 27, 2010 — This Micro-ATX form-factor development platform for Cogent’s new CSB1701 SOM family features multiple PCI Express slots, dual FeaturePak sockets, plus a variety of PC-style I/O including SATA, USB, and serial ports. (data sheet)
Diamond Systems Digital I/O FeaturePak Module — April 27, 2010 — The FP-GPIO96 integrates 96 buffered, programmable digital I/O lines, eight 32-bit counter/timers, four 24-bit pulse-width modulation circuits, and a watchdog timer with system reset capability. (press release)

SUMIT-ISM carrier board for FeaturePak modules — April 27, 2010 — The SUMIT/FP Adapter integrates FeaturePak I/O sockets into systems that provide a SUMIT-ISM expansion stack location. (press release)
MSC Vertriebs MSC Vertriebs GmbH joins FeaturePak Initiative — April 27, 2010 — A prominent European-wide distributor and manufacturer specializing in electronic components, board-level products, and customer-specific development of industrial and embedded hardware has joined the FeaturePak Initiative. (press release)
Lippert Embedded Computers Lippert Embedded Computers Joins FeaturePak Initiative — April 28, 2010 — A leading global provider of modular, rugged, highly-reliable embedded computing solutions for OEM and integrated systems applications, today announced their participation in the FeaturePak Initiative. (press release)


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