Intel Embedded Innovator magazine spotlights FeaturePak

The FeaturePak embedded I/O standard is the focus of a 3-page feature article in the Autumn 2010 edition of Intel’s Embedded Innovator magazine. The article, by Diamond Systems CEO and founder Jonathan Miller, takes a look at the synergy between FeaturePak I/O modules and Intel’s PCI Express-oriented Atom E6xx processor family (aka “Tunnel Creek”).

The article explains how the use of FeaturePak modules can provide a high degree of flexibility to E6xx-based designs. Although the highly-integrated E6xx processor contains interfaces to video, audio, LPC, and SPI, it connects to additional I/O via a set of four PCI Express x1 links. This makes PCIe-interfaced FeaturePak modules ideal candidates for modular, off-the-shelf expansion of E6xx-based embedded systems. In fact, the article points out, a FeaturePak module can even “eliminate the need for an I/O hub, thereby reducing the bill of materials (BOM),” writes Miller.

You can view the Embedded Innovator FeaturePak article here, beginning on page 24. The magazine may also be downloaded in PDF format, by clicking the down-arrow widget in the right-hand column of the viewing frame.

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