FeaturePak card/socket passes shock/vibration test

One question often asked is “How rugged is this standard?” or “Aren’t miniature card-edge finger contacts (230 contacts on 0.5 mm pitch) unreliable?” To what, if any, shock and vibration specifications has the FeaturePak card/connector combination been tested?

With questions like this in mind, Diamond Systems subjected the FeaturePak card and connector design to preliminary shock/vibration testing. The company reports that the form-factor and its connector successfully passed random vibration testing up to 6.07Grms over 20Hz through 2000Hz in 3 axes, according to MIL-STD-781D Task 401 (PDF download).

Refer to the graph below for the shock/vibration test profile used by Diamond in its initial test of the FeaturePak card and socket.

FeaturePak shock/vibration test profile
(click image to enlarge)


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