About the FeaturePak Trade Association

We’re inviting all companies serving the embedded market — whether board/system suppliers, service providers, or silicon vendors — to join the FeaturePak Trade Association in order to take advantage of the benefits of this collaboration around the exciting new FeaturePak standard.


Perceiving an unmet need in the embedded market, Diamond Systems in early 2010 unveiled the FeaturePak specification for low cost, mezzanine-style I/O expansion of single-board computers, COM baseboards, proprietary electronic designs, and other such applications. In mid-2010, the company transferred ownership of the FeaturePak specification, trademark, and logos to the FeaturePak Trade Association (FPTA), a California Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation, in order to ensure that everyone in the embedded market could enjoy its benefits equally. The FPTA is now responsible for maintaining, extending, and promoting the FeaturePak standard and has established restrictions and guidelines pertaining use of the FeaturePak trademark and logos.

You need not join the FPTA or be otherwise licensed, in order to develop or manufacture products based on or incorporating FPTA specifications. However, use of FPTA-owned logos is restricted to FPTA members in good standing or to those explicitly licensed by the FPTA to use them. Please contact the FPTA for details regarding non-member licensing of FPTA logos.

Membership Benefits

By joining the FeaturePak Trade Association, your company will have the opportunity to:

  • Directly influence the evolution of the FeaturePak Specification
  • Use the FeaturePak logo in association with FeaturePak-related products
  • List FeaturePak-related products on FeaturePak.org
  • Participate in FPTA marketing and promotional activities

Membership Levels

Three levels of FPTA membership are currently offered:

  • Executive Member — $1000 per year
  • Associate Member — $500 per year
  • Supporting Member (see this FAQ item for info)

For details regarding the differences among these membership levels or to begin the process of joining the FPTA, download our Membership Application, here (pdf file).

For further information…

Questions? Submit a message using our contact form, or email us at FeaturePak@gmail.com.

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